old61 Historic U.S. 61: Hillside Drive, Wacouta Township

Hillside Drive

Located In: Wacouta Township, Goodhue County.

Bypassed: 1953

Length: 0.67 miles

Also Marked As:


Until 1934

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A service drive, now marked as Hillside Drive, was once part of the original paved highway between Lake City and Red Wing. It is located along the north side of the modern highway near the unincorporated town of Wacouta at the junction with Goodhue County Road 21.


The road here was graded in 1924 and paved with concrete, 18 feet wide in 1925.

Bypass History

Hillside Drive was bypassed in 1953 as part of the reconstruction and modernization of the highway between Lake City and Red Wing.

Current Status

The road itself is intact, but the original concrete has been paved over. It now provides access to a few homes and local businesses.

Photo Tour - Photos were taken in August, 2009 unless otherwise noted.

Looking southeast from the west end of Hillside Drive. The old highway has been widened a bit and repaved. This end of the old road is lined with small homesteads (photo from May, 2005).

"Chevrolet Crossing". For sale, one jalopy with ice cold AC (during the winter only).

Another view to the southeast, with modern U.S. 61/U.S. 63 on the right. The original width of the highway can be seen in the seams in the current pavement.

At the eastern end of Hillside Drive. This former shop has been converted into a private residence (note the faded sign on the left). It was still open the first time I visited in 2005.

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