61sign U.S. 61, Minnesota: Historic Postcards

Postcards from my personal collection.

The Cross River Bridge is located in Cook County at the town of Schroeder, about 30 miles southwest of Grand Marais. The bridge pictured in the post card is No. 5087, a concrete arch constructed in 1931. In 1999, the arch was incorporated into a new superstructure, footings, and deck.

The site of this rest area is on the south side of what is now I-35, across the freeway and down the hill from the current Thompson Rest Area. It was rebuilt in the late 1930's with a new stone retaining wall. It is no longer accessible to pedestrians. However, it is still visible in oblique aerial photos here.

Rest area along U.S. 61 between Wabasha and Lake City. The rest area and markers, originally constructed in 1939, were recently restored after being added to the national register of historic places. Note the original concrete pavement on the highway, laid in 1936 and paved over in 1969.

A view to the south down future U.S. 61 north of Winona . Note how the road is still gravel, dating the postcard to before 1926.

Above, a false color image of the old concrete highway leaving the east end of Red Wing, Minnesota. The highway here was graded in 1924 and paved between 1924 and 1925. The old concrete lasted until the early 1950's, when the road was rebuilt. Several sections of the old concrete highway still exist between Red Wing and Lake City.

The "Hot Fish Shop" in Winona Minnesota near the Sugar Loaf. The site of the fish shop is now occupied by a Dairy Queen, which is situated at the northwest corner of the modern junction with State Highway 43. For an image of the modern site, click here.

Above, a post card showing the Hinckley roadside rest area and historic marker. The marker was constructed in 1940 according to MnDOT construction logs. The site is situated on the northbound side of old U.S. 61 (now Pine County Road 61), north of the Grindstone River north of Hinckley. (Google Maps).

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