old61 Historic U.S. 61: 296th Street, Florence Township

296th Street

Located In: Florence Township, Goodhue County.

Bypassed: 1953

Length: 1.24 miles

Also Marked As:


Until 1934

A long stretch of the original concrete highway between Lake City and Red Wing exists today as 296th Street, just west of Frontenac Station.


The road here was graded in 1924 and paved with concrete, 18 feet wide in 1925.

Bypass History

296th Street was bypassed in 1953 as part of the reconstruction and modernization of the highway between Lake City and Red Wing. It was bypassed in order to straighten out and shorten the highway. The curves on the old road has been constructed to avoid a swampy area along the railroad right-of-way.

Current Status

The old highway has been in use as a local road since being bypassed. The original concrete pavement from 1925 is still partially exposed, but is being gradually replaced by a new gravel surface.

Photo Tour - Photos were taken in June, 2005.

Looking west on 296th street. The concrete pavement from 1925 is still intact at this point. (this photo is the source image for the banner on the top of each page on deadpioneer.com - this old alignment has special significance for me, as it is the first one I ever noticed when I was on a bike ride when I was 15).

Looking east from the same vantage point with my old Honda for scale. Notice how the concrete in the distance has been replaced by gravel. Chunks of what may be the old road surface are also visible just behind the car.

Another view, looking west.

Looking east at the western end of 296th Street at the entrance to modern U.S. 61.

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