old61 Cross River Bridge

Cross River Bridge

Located: On MN 61 in Lake County at Schroeder.

Bridge #: 5087

Design: Reinforced concrete arch, 50 foot span.

Constructed: 1931, incorporated into the current bridge in 1998/99.

Historic Context: Early reinforced concrete arch bridge built during construction of the north shore highway.

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Status: Heavily modified / preserved. Rated as structurally adequate.

Access: On Highway 61. Parking areas and rest facilities provided.

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The Cross River bridge as it originally appeared (postcard from my personal

The Cross River bridge was one of several concrete arches constructed by the Department of Highways in the early 1930's along Highway 61 between Schroeder and Grand Marais.

The bridge at the Cross River was a solid concrete barrel with a 50 foot span, completed in 1931. Plans from 1933 show that the highway department added stone sidewalks and stairs to the bridge for pedestrian viewing access. These were apparently removed in the early 1970's.

When the highway through Schroeder was rebuilt in 1998/99, a reconstruction of the bridge was included as part of the project. The arch barrel of the old bridge was preserved as part of a new widened structure to preserve the historic feel of the crossing. A much improved wayside rest facility was built around the bridge, with several large parking areas, pedestrian walks, and a restroom building.


Photos - taken in April, 2010.

Northbound view of Highway 61 at the Cross River. The stairs on the far right lead to the overlook.

The concrete arch of the original bridge as seen from the overlook, now surrounded by the structure constructed in 1998/99. Also note the concrete under the bridge, built in the early 1990's to repair locations where the bedrock had eroded away.

Looking downstream from the overlook.

Falls of the Cross River on the north side of the bridge.

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