old61 Historic U.S. 61: Old Service Drive at Schroeder

Old Service Drive at Schroeder

Located: Schroeder Township, Cook County, 0.50 miles north of the Cross River.

Historic Context: Old north shore road (pre-development).

Bypassed: 1931, by construction of the north shore scenic highway.

Length: 0.10 miles

Also Part Of:

Status: Intact, marginally drivable, becoming overgrown.

Access: Northbound side of Hwy 61, visible at two private entrances. Potentially drivable, but is not maintained.

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North >> Temperance River Bridge and Roadside Parking Area

South >> Cross River Bridge

A tiny remnant of the old north shore road survives just north of Schroeder. It was left behind as a service drive along the northbound side of the current highway when it was built in 1931. It no longer appears on maps, and is starting to become overgrown. It runs between a residential driveway and what appears to be some sort of hauling business.


Photos - taken in April, 2010.

Looking southbound from the north end of the old highway as it enters a grove of trees. Modern Highway 61 is on the far right.

Looking northbound at the old road's south end. Not how despite a layer of gravel, the grass and underbrush are starting to take over.

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