old61 State Line Marker

State Line Marker

MnDOT Inventory Report (see apendx. K)

Located In: La Crescent Township, Houston County.

Constructed: 1943

National Register: Eligible

The state line marker at the Mississippi River between La Crescent and La Crosse, Wisconsin is one of many built to a standard design in the early 1940's.

The marker was originally built on the south side of the highway as part of a small roadside parking area, just west of the interstate bridge. In about 1992, construction began on the current double span. The marker was subsequently moved to the north side of the highway, a bit further from the river.

A closer look of the marker is possible via the driveway to the public Sportsmans Landing (the driveway itself was once part of the original paved highway used by U.S. 61 - for more info, see the article here).

Photos - Taken in October, 2007.

Looking west just after passing over the interstate bridge. The state line marker is visible on the right, as well as part of U.S. 61's original alignment, bypassed way back in 1941.

The Minnesota state line marker, as seen looking east from the parking lot of the Sportsman's Landing. The interstate bridge over the west channel of the Mississippi River is visible on the left.

A close-up of the manufacturer's inscription on the state line marker (Winona Travertine).

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