old61 Historic U.S. 61: North Lakeshore Drive, Lake City

North Lakeshore Drive

Located: Along the south side of U.S. 61/63 on the north side of Lake City, Goodhue County.

Historic Context: Early concrete-paved highway constructed by the Minnesota Highway Department.

Length: About 0.25 miles.

Constructed: Graded and paved with 18' of concrete in 1924.

Bypassed: 1954, by construction of a new alignment.

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Status: Intact, repaved.

Access: Directly from U.S. 61/63.

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A service drive on the north side of Lake City, now marked as North Lakeshore Drive, was once part of the original paved highway between Lake City and Red Wing. It runs along the southbound side of the highway from just north of Central Point Road until it dead-ends at Gilbert Creek. The old concrete pavement has been paved over, but the road is otherwise intact.



Photo Tour - Photos taken in August, 2009 and April, 2011

Northbound on the service drive.

The north end of the old highway, blocked due to the removal of the old Gilbert Creek Bridge. The replacement built in 1953 is visible on the right. It was itself replaced in 2011.

Southbound view of the old highway. Note the large difference in elevation between the new and old roads.

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