old61 Historic U.S. 61: Tofte Park Road (Co Rd 24)

Tofte Park Road (Co Rd 24)

Located In: Tofte Township, Cook County

Length: 0.53 miles

Historic Context: Old north shore road (pre-development).

Bypassed: 1931

Also Part Of:

Status: Intact, paved.

Access: Northbound side of Hwy 61 via junctions with Cook Co Rd 24 at both ends.

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North >> Tofte Roadside Park

South >> Birch Grove School Driveway

Once part of the old north shore road, Tofte Park Road was bypassed by the construction of the first modern highway along the current alignment of Highway 61 in 1931. Still gravel when bypassed, the surviving section of the road has since been paved, but has remained otherwise unchanged. It now serves as a local residential road.

The road once extended a bit further east, but was truncated by the construction of the Bluefin Bay Resort.


Photos - taken in April, 2010.

At the south end of Tofte Park Road, looking northeast.

A County Road 24 marker on the old highway.

The old Tofte roadside park, looking south towards Lake Superior near the north end of the old highway (for more info, see article here).

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