old61 Historic U.S. 61: North Service Drive at Rush City

North Service Drive at Rush City

Located In: Rush City, Chisago County.

Bypassed: 1954

Length: 0.15 miles

Also Marked As:

Until 1934

The remains of a short stretch of the original concrete highway between the Twin Cities and Duluth survives on the north side of Rush City along the east side of what is now State Highway 361.


The surviving section was originally completed in 1927 as part of a paving project that stretched all the way from Wyoming to Rock Creek. The road was paved with 18 feet of concrete.

Bypass History

U.S. 61 was rebuilt and modernized between Rush City and Mission Creek (south of Hinckley) in 1954. The new road was designed with a less severe curve on the north side of town, allowing part of the original highway to be reused as a service drive. The original pavement was left intact.

Current Status

Only a short stretch of original concrete pavement has managed to survive and has been closed off to traffic. The pavement is accessible from the parking lot to the local VFW. The pavement dead-ends just short of Alger Avenue, which was rebuilt on top of part of the old alignment to connect with the current highway.

Photos - taken in October, 2009.

Looking north in the VFW parking lot towards the beginning of the historic pavement. Modern Highway 361 (old 61) is on the left.

A closer view of the pavement. Notice the integrated curb on the left, and the slight superelevation of the grade.

The north end of the pavement, with Alger Avenue just ahead.

Looking back to the south from the north connection of Alger Avenue (far left) with Highway 361 (right).

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