old61 Reads Landing Overlook

Reads Landing Overlook

MnDOT Inventory Report

Located In: Pepin Township, Wabasha County.

Constructed: 1939

National Register: Listed

The Read's Landing Overlook is located about 1.5 miles west of Read's Landing on the north side of modern U.S. 61. It is by far the most ornate of the rustic overlooks constructed along the river road in the late 1930's and early 40's. It is also the only one to have been added to the National Register of Historic Places.

The overlook was originally constructed in 1939 by the National Youth Administration to provide views of Lake Pepin. It was restored and refurbished in 2008.

Location of the overlook between Reads Landing and Camp Lacupolis.


Photos - Taken in August, 2009.

The overlook as it looked when it was completed. Note the stone retaining wall below the highway on the left. The wall is still there, but has been cut in two by the addition of a culvert. Also note the original concrete pavement, poured in 1936.

The overlook as it appears today, looking west.

Lake Pepin marker, added in 1985, looking north.

Looking west.

The circular plaque on the west end of the overlook depicts a map of Minnesota, oriented with due north.

The old Lake Pepin marker installed by the Department of Highways in the east bay of the overlook.

Plaque attributing the construction of the overlook to the National Youth Administration, 1939.

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