old61 Historic U.S. 61: Mill Street, Minnesota City

Mill Street

Located In: Minnesota City, Winona County

Bypassed: 1940

Length: 0.69 miles

Also Marked As:

Until 1934

Mill Street was U.S. 61's original alignment through the small but historic town of Minnesota City. It was replaced by the first Minnesota City bypass along Bridge Street in 1940.


Mill Street was paved with 18 feet of concrete in 1926 as part of the construction of the first paved highway between Winona and Minneiska. The bridge over Garvin Brook on the south side of town, a concrete girder structure, had been constructed back in 1919.

Bypass History

Mill Street was bypassed in 1940 by the construction of the first Minnesota City bypass along what is now Bridge Street. The new bypass got rid of several sharp curves and an at-grade rail crossing on the old road. The project also connected the old alignment on Mill Street and the old Garvin Brook bridge with Wenonah Road via a bridge over the new highway (now gone).

Current Status

The original concrete pavement is still in use and fully exposed on Mill Street as far south as the site of the old Garvin Brook bridge. The bridge was demolished in 1978 during the construction of the modern four-lane bypass, as well as the connection to Wenonah Road.

Photo Tour - Photos were taken in May, 2008.

Looking south at the split between the two historic alignments of U.S. 61 at Minnesota City. The original alignment, on the right, curved directly onto Mill Street. On the left is the first Minnesota City bypass (Bridge St), constructed in 1940.

Looking south down Mill Street. The concrete pavement constructed in 1926 is still in use, although the street has been widened (note the raised curbs on either side of the old concrete in the middle of the street).

Looking south on Mill Street where the old highway starts to curve east towards Garvin Brook.

Approaching Garvin Brook. Highway plans from 1977 show the red house on the left as a hotel.

The original highway dead-ends at the site of the original bridge over Garvin Brook, constructed in 1919 and demolished in 1978.

Looking south down Garvin Brook towards the site of the old Garvin Brook bridge constructed in 1919. The broken concrete box structure in the center of the photo may be part of the old bridge pier.The 2007 flash-flood really did a number on the channel, most of which was man-made. The channel at Minnesota City was widened and realigned slightly when the first bypass was constructed in 1940 (the remains of a crib wall from that project are visible on the left side of the photo).

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