old61 Historic U.S. 61: Manning Avenue, Cottage Grove

Manning Avenue

Located In: City of Cottage Grove and Denmark Township, Washington County.

Bypassed: 1927

Length: 0.95 miles

Also Marked As:


1934-Present (Manning Ave only)

A section of Manning Avenue was once part of a right-angle jog on the original road used by U.S. 61 between St. Paul and Hastings.


The road to Hastings through Cottage Grove was still gravel when it was first marked as U.S. 61 in 1926. Right-of-way maps show it as the "St. Paul - Hastings Wagon Road".

Bypass History

The first paved highway through Cottage Grove was completed in 1927. It was designed to bypass the right-angle turn at Manning Avenue. The jog was originally left intact as a local road.

Current Status

The east/west portion of the jog was eventually abandoned and lost to time. The north/south section on Manning Avenue, however, was added to the trunk highway system in 1934 as the south end of State Highway 95. Records show that Manning Avenue was first paved in 1947. The intersection with U.S. 61, originally at a very shallow angle, was rebuilt into a curve towards a right-angle intersection at an unknown date.

Photo Tour

Looking north from 120th Street towards the junction with Highway 95. The empty space between the highway and the used car was once occupied by the south end of Manning Avenue, which continued north into the grove of trees ahead.

Looking back to the south on Manning Avenue/Hwy. 95 on the other side of the grove of trees. The road once continued straight ahead instead of curving to the right.

Looking north on Manning Ave/Hwy. 95.

Another view to the north on Manning Ave/Hwy. 95. U.S. 61 once made a hard turn to the west (left) just before the entrance to the church. The old road has been destroyed by recultivation.

Looking west from the end of the driveway at the church visible in the previous photo. There is little to no sign of the east/west portion of the jog.

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