old61 Lake City Concourse

Lake City Concourse

MnDOT Inventory Report

Located In: Lake City, Wabasha County.

Constructed: 1938-1940

National Register: Eligible

The Lake City Concourse is located along the shore of Lake Pepin on the east entrance to town. It consists of several limestone walls constructed between 1938 and 1940 to provide views of Lake Pepin.

The largest wall ("Wall A" as its known in the MnDOT inventory) consists of two side walls along the highway (constructed in 1938), and a large curved wall around a viewing bay and parking area (constructed in 1940), separated from each other by openings for pedestrians. The circular section was constructed by the National Youth Administration.

A sidewalk leads south to the next two walls ("B" and "C"), which are much smaller.

Photos - Taken in August, 2009.

The north end of "Wall A", looking south down modern U.S. 61.

The curved parking area in the middle of "Wall A". Note the flagstone walkway in the foreground. These stones once lined the western edge of the entire site, from the north end of "Wall A', to "Wall C".

Historic marker and view of Lake Pepin. The marker was installed in 1971.

The Lake City jetty and marina, as seen from the curved parking area (the opening in the wall this photo was taken from was added after 1940).

The south section of "Wall A". "Wall B" is just visible on the far left.

A closer view of the bay within the south section of "Wall A", showing the original flagstone walk.

"Wall B", with the nearly identical "Wall C" in the distance.

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