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Lost Highway: Fischer Ave and 280th St

Bypassed: 1927

Marked As: 1921-1927 1926-1927


The original alignment of the highway between Hampton and Cannon Falls was along what are now Fischer Avenue and 280th Street (County Road 86), which became part of the trunk highway system as State Highway 50 in 1921. US Highway 55 was routed onto State Highway 50 in late 1926. A more direct highway was constructed the following year, reducing the distance between Hampton and Cannon Falls by a little over a mile. The grade constructed in 1927 was paved in 1928. The highway between Hampton and Cannon Falls was eventually redesignated US Highway 52 in 1934.

Since being bypassed, 280th Street has been reconstructed and paved as part of County Road 86. Fischer Avenue on the other hand has remained a primitive gravel road, much as it was in the early 1920's. Both ends of the old alignment have been modified due to the upgrade of US 52 to four lanes during the 1960's.

The junction of County Road 86 with US 52 was rebuilt in 1966 as part of the construction of the Cannon Falls bypass (see above). Note how Rochester Boulevard, the old road to Cannon Falls, once connected directly with the original alignment to Hampton.

Fischer Avenue's junction with US 52 was modified in 1963 to meet the new four-lane highway. Fischer Avenue originally continued straight north into the alignment constructed in 1927, a surviving portion of which still exists as a service drive.

Data available from U.S. Geological Survey, EROS Data Center, Sioux Falls, SD


(Photos taken May, 2007, ordered roughly from south to north)

Looking east (above) and west (below) on County Road 86 (280th Street) at the junction with US 52. The curve added in the 1966 realignment is readily visible in the westbound picture (the original road continued straight through the field on the right.)

Westbound on County Road 86 (280th Street)

Approaching the junction with Fischer Ave (note the minivan), looking west.

The following photos were taken in November 2005

Looking back east down County Road 86 at the junction with Fischer Ave.

Looking north down Fischer Ave at the junction with 280th Street (County Road 86).

Following Photos: Fischer Avenue, northbound

Looking south down Fischer Avenue at US 52. Instead of curving sharply onto the left of the photo as the modern road does, the original road continued towards the right side of the photo, ending at the the old concrete highway, now a service drive.

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