61sign Modern Highway Photos: At Lake City

August, 2009

Southbound on U.S. 61/U.S. 63 in downtown Lake City at Chestnut Street. Note the trailblazer signage for U.S. 63's turn-off towards Rochester. Also note the banners on the lamp post advertising Lake City as the "Birthplace of Waterskiing".

One more block to the southeast at Lyon Avenue, at the south junction with U.S. 63. U.S. 61 also turned right here before 1936 (for more info, see the article here). U.S. 63 was originally marked as State Route 59 until 1934, when Minnesota prematurely upgraded it to U.S. 59. The decision was overturned in 1935, and the route was finalized as U.S. 63.

Another block east at Center Street.

The pedestrian tunnel under U.S. 61 between Marion and Dwelle Street, installed in 1936 as part of the completion of U.S. 61's current alignment out of town. The design of the railings matches that shown on the original construction plans.

Following Photos: The junction at Lake City from the perspective of U.S. 63

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