61sign Modern Highway Photos: At County Road E, Gem Lake

December, 2006

old244Just a single photo, taken at the junction with County Road E in Gem Lake on the way to a family Christmas gathering . Note the "OLD 244" sign at the junction. Highway 244 terminated here at U.S. 61 from 1953 until 2001 when the section west of Highway 120 was turned back to Ramsey County. Why the "OLD 244" marker is still up after five years is anyone's guess.

This was also a junction with Highway 100, the old Twin Cities ring route, for a short period between about 1961 and 1965, just before Highway 100 was retired outside of Hennepin County. Highway 100 duplexed with U.S. 61 north from this intersection to what is now County Road 96 (old State Hwy. 96) in White Bear Lake.

Note the aging concrete pavement, poured back in 1953 when the divided highway between St. Paul and White Bear Lake was constructed. Tousley Ford is also just visible on the far left.

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