1952 Official Road Map of Minnesota

Era 4: The Gousha Maps, 1951-1961

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  • Size: 38" x 32" unfolded, 4" x 9" folded.
  • Scale: 1 inch = 12 miles
  • Conditions as of: January 1, 1952
  • Cartographers: The H.M. Gousha Company.
  • Commissioner of Highways: M.J. Hoffmann.


  • Gousha made several refinements to the cartography on the 1952 map, most of which became standard on the maps issued through 1961. These included the addition of yellow tints to the main map, the addition of symbols for divided highways (a first), and state and national forests now being outlined in thick green lines instead of being totally filled in. These updates were also carried over to the Twin Cities and Duluth insets.
  • The Department of Highways experimented with a new folding pattern in 1952; the map opened like a book instead of opening vertically. When unfolded, the map cover was on the back of the map, rather than on the front.
  • The back of the 1952 map featured color photographs, the first since 1942.

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