61sign Modern Highway Photos: At Weaver

August, 2008

Just a few photos from the summer of '08 in the Weaver area.

Looking south down U.S. 61 from County Road 29, just south of Weaver in Wabasha County. Note the signs for the Disabled American Veterans Highway and the Great River Road. The divided highway here was completed in 1974 (the southbound lane was previously completed as a new two-lane highway in 1969).

A view of the two bridges over the Whitewater River currently in use by U.S. 61 (plus the railroad bridge). The nearest bridge, # 79001, in use by the southbound lane, was constructed in 1966 according to a recent MnDOT bridge report (it was opened to traffic in 1969). The northbound bridge - #79002, completed in 1973, opened in 1974 - is the next one down stream. Interestingly, the older southbound bridge actually looks more modern. Both bridges have sufficiency ratings above 90.

Looking north at the modern junction with State Highway 74 at Weaver.

Looking west up Highway 74 into "downtown" Weaver (the original two-lane alignment of U.S. 61 is just ahead, running across the photo, for more info, see the article here).

Weaver's only remaining brick commercial building. It appears it was an art gallery at some point in the recent past.

Northbound on U.S. 61, approaching the bridges over Indian Creek, north of Weaver. The northbound bridge, #6461, was constructed in 1945 to replace the original bridge constructed in 1924. It is currently rated as structurally deficient. The northbound bridge, #79003, was constructed in 1973.

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