61sign Modern Highway Photos: Minnesota City to Minneiska

May, 2008

The following set of photos were taken along the the divided section of U.S. 61 between Winona and Wabasha in southeastern Minnesota.

Northbound on U.S. 61 on the Minnesota City bypass, approaching the junction with State Highway 248. Highway 248 was authorized in 1949 as a short connecting route between Minnesota City and the small towns of Rollingstone and Altura. The Minnesota City bypass was completed in 1978.

Direction signage.

At the actual junction.

Looking north down U.S. 61 on the north side of Minnesota City.

A horribly underexposed shot of the divided highway between Minnesota City and Minneiska. Note the difference in grade between the two lanes. This section of the divided highway between La Crosse and Wabasha was the last to be completed, with construction wrapping up in 1978. The southbound lane (on the left) was actually completed in 1965, replacing the original concrete highway completed in 1926. The old road ran along where the northbound lane is today. The old road was originally left behind and closed to traffic until the 1978 project constructed the northbound lane on top of it.

Sunset reflected on the dramatic river bluffs south of Minneiska.

At Minneiska

A view to the northeast from the service drive at Minneiska, looking across the river bottoms towards Alma, Wisconsin. The service drive here is actually the grade of the original paved highway, completed in 1925 (for more info, see the article here).

Looking back to the south down U.S. 61 at Minneiska. The divided highway here was completed in 1965 (the grade was completed in 1962).

One last view of Minneiska, looking south.

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