61sign Modern Highway Photos: La Crosse to Winona

October, 2007 (Page 8)

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Back on the main highway, heading north from Homer to Winona. The top of Sugarloaf Hill is just visible in the center of the photo.

Entering Winona. Sugar Loaf Hill is on the left.

Approaching the junction with State Highway 43 on the bridge over Burns Creek. The area around the junction of U.S. 61/U.S. 14 with Highway 43 is one of Winona's busiest retail districts.

Approaching the junction with Highway 43. Note the sign indicating State Highway 43 as the route to Wisconsin.

Signage at the junction with State Highway 43. Highway 43 is actually the old alignment U.S. 61 used before the construction of the modern four lane highway in the late 1950's. Highway 43 itself is a remnant of Minnesota's original constitutional route system. It was first marked as the route from Winona to Rushford in 1921.

Looking south across U.S. 61/U.S. 14 towards Sugar Loaf Hill from the Dairy Queen at the northwest corner of the junction with Highway 43.

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