61sign Modern Highway Photos: Through St. Paul's East Side

May, 2007 (Page 1)

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The following series of photos feature U.S. 61's route through the east side of St. Paul (plus a bit in Maplewood). They were taken on a sunny sunday morning while storm clouds loomed on the horizon. The section of U.S. 61's route shown here is currently a turn-back candidate, meaning it may not be with us for much longer!

Westbound on the Interstate 94/U.S. 61/U.S. 10/U.S. 12 (not marked) multiplex at Johnson Parkway in St. Paul. This section of I-94 was completed in 1975, replacing an earlier divided expressway constructed in 1949. Traffic on northbound U.S. 61 is directed to use the two right lanes to exit onto Mounds Boulevard.

More signage for the upcoming exit on the Earl Street overpass.

At the west junction with I-94, U.S. 10, and U.S. 12 (not marked), about to exit onto Mounds Boulevard. The Mounds Boulevard overpass (used by southbound U.S. 61) is visible ahead. The Minnesota State Capitol's dome is also just visible on the right.

Direction signage on the off-ramp to Mounds Boulevard. The Mounds Boulevard interchange with I-94, originally constructed in 1966, was rebuilt with the same overall configuration in 1988.

The west junction with I-94/U.S. 10/U.S. 12 (unmarked) as seen from U.S. 61 southbound, looking south on the Mounds Boulevard overpass. The bridge was constructed in 1988 to replace the original structure built in 1966.

Another view of the southbound interchange, looking north from Mounds Boulevard towards the overpass.

I-94 route markers at Mounds Boulevard. Notice how the eastbound sign is the old style, with "Minnesota" printed above the number. Also note the sign directing traffic to westbound I-94. Access to westbound I-94 is provided via ramps at 6th Street, several blocks to the north.

Looking east down the southbound U.S. 61 entrance ramp to I-94.

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