61sign Modern Highway Photos: I-494 to Red Wing

March, 2007 (Page 1)

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The following series of photos were taken on a sunny early spring day as I drove south from St. Paul to Red Wing in search of old highway alignments.

Southbound on U.S. 61/U.S. 10 at the new Bailey Road interchange, constructed as part of the Wakota Bridge replacement project. Note the sign for westbound 494, which was covered in a previous photo of this interchange taken back in September, 2006 (link pops in new window /tab). The ramp to westbound 494 was opened upon the completion of the westbound Wakota bridge in 2006.

A little further south, about to pass under Bailey Road at the Ramsey/Washington County Line. Note the huge ramp leading up to Bailey Road on the right, probably designed for use by trucks heading to the many industrial facilities in the area.

At the new ramp to westbound 494.

Entering Washington County and the city limits of Newport.

The new westbound 494 overpass, with the future eastbound overpass bridge in the initial stages of construction.

Southbound at Newport, approaching the Glen Road exit.

Looking north down U.S. 61/U.S. 10 at Newport from the northern-most of two pedestrian bridges constructed as part of the recent freeway upgrade.

A closer look at the signage at the 494 interchange, as seen from northbound U.S. 61/U.S. 10.

Looking south through Newport towards the Glen Road interchange...

...and again, this time looking north from the southern pedestrian bridge. The ultra-modern Glen Road interchange was constructed to maintain local access to Newport. However, the connections to the service drives from the overpass are not very intuitive, and have served to cut local businesses off from thru-traffic.

Looking south down the new freeway towards St. Paul Park.

A closed Holiday Station at what was once the intersection with 12th Street, another victim of the new freeway.

Getting back onto U.S. 61/U.S. 10 southbound from the new 70th Street interchange at St. Paul Park. An earlier interchange at this site was constructed back in 1959.

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