61sign Modern Highway Photos: Junctions in Dakota County

April, 2006

The following photos were taken as I tooled around southeastern Dakota County, taking photos of the junctions of U.S. 61 with the various state routes in the area.

Driving east on Highway 50, approaching the junction with Highway 20 and U.S. 61. U.S. 61 is visible in the distance.

The eastern terminus of State Highway 50, which seamlessly merges onto U.S. 61, continuing east towards Miesville and Red Wing. The configuration of the junction dates back to 1984.

Looking east through the tiny town of Miesville on U.S. 61. U.S. 61 has used this alignment through Miesville since it was first marked in September, 1926.

Looking northwest on Highway 316, approaching its northern terminus and north junction with U.S. 61 on the south side of Hastings. Highway 316, authorized in 1959, cuts the corner on the route between Red Wing and Hastings, serving as an alternate to U.S. 61's historic (and longer) route through Miesville. Also note the sign for the Great River Road, which follows Hwy. 316 instead of U.S. 61.

Signage at the actual junction with U.S. 61, looking west. The modern junction dates from a 1983 reconstruction project, which expanded U.S. 61 to four lanes through the south side of Hastings.

Northbound on U.S. 61 / Vermillion Street in Hastings, approaching the junction with State Highway 291. Vermillion Street in Hastings has been a divided highway since 1927. It was last reconstructed north of the Vermillion River in 1981.

At the actual junction with State Highway 291, authorized in 1951 as the route to the Minnesota Veterans' Home at Hastings. The junction has been at this site (18th Street) since 1970. It was previously further north at 10th Street.

Stuck in traffic on southbound U.S. 61 (after turning around) at the junction with State Highway 55 in Hastings.

Another view of the junction with and eastern terminus of State Highway 55, looking south. Highway 55, the main route between Hastings and Minneapolis, has terminated at this site since it was first marked in 1934. Highway 55 had previously been marked as old Trunk Highway 53 (one of the constitutional routes) between Hastings and Pine Bend, which also terminated here from 1931 until being renumbered as 55 in 1934.

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