61sign Modern Highway Photos: Hastings to Miesville

October, 2005

The following shots were taken on a rather rainy fall day as I drove south on U.S. 61 through Hastings to Miesville in search of old highway maps at the various antique shops along the way (I found quite a few, as I recall).

Approaching U.S. 61 / U.S. 10 on southbound Highway 95 in southern Washington County. This section of Hwy. 95 was actually once the original alignment of U.S. 61 (see lost highway article here).

Southbound on the divided section of U.S. 61 just north of the bridge over the Mississippi River at Hastings (visible in the distance ahead).

A view of the Mississippi River bridge at Hastings from Levee Park. The bridge was opened in 1951 to replace the historic spiral bridge. Its poor structural condition and fracture critical design have hastened its replacement, scheduled for 2010.

Looking east on 2nd (Main) Street in old downtown Hastings towards the modern U.S. 61 overpass, constructed in 1951 to feed traffic from the river bridge directly onto Vermillion Street. Note the signs on the right pointing the way to the main highway.

Southbound on U.S. 61 at the junction with State Highway 55 (this is also Highway 55's southeastern terminus). Note the rustic wall on the far right, constructed as part of the Hastings High School football stadium by the W.P.A.

Looking back to the north along U.S. 61 on the south side of Hastings at the intersection with Canon Street. U.S. 61 on the south side of town was upgraded to four lanes in 1983.

Southbound on U.S. 61, approaching the junction with State Highways 50 and 20, about 7 miles south of Hastings.

Signage, approaching the junction from the other direction, looking west down U.S. 61 "northbound". U.S. 61 had made a right-angle turn at this junction in one way or another since it was first marked in 1926. Notice how the sign says "TO" 20. This is because U.S. 61 technically does not have a junction with Highway 20, instead connecting with it via a tiny jog on Highway 50.

Looking east on U.S. 61 through the tiny town of Miesville in southeastern Dakota County, population 171 (2005 estimate).

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