1977-78 Official Highway Map, Minnesota

Era 6: 1967-1983/84 - The "Mini-Maps"

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  • Size: 30" x 26" unfolded, 4.5" x 7.5" folded
  • Scale: 1 inch = 15.5 miles


  • The 1977-78 map was the first issued by the new "Minnesota Department of Transportation" (MNDOT), which absorbed the old Department of Highways in 1976.
  • This was the first map to be issued on a truly bi-annual basis, a practice still in use today.
  • This map uses a unique orange color scheme.
  • A small inset on the front of the map shows Minnesota's new "Tourism Regions".
  • The reverse side has been rearranged to make room for a large feature on the creation of MNDOT and the transportation modes under its jurisdiction.

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