Minnesota 1950 Official Highway Map

Era 3: The "Black-and White" Department of Highways Maps, 1940-1950

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  • Size: 38" x 32" unfolded, 4" x 9" folded.
  • Scale: 1 inch = 12 miles
  • Conditions as of: January 1, 1950
  • Commissioner of Highways: M.J. Hoffmann.


  • The 1950 map was the last produced by the Department of Highways before the switch to the HM Gousha Company in 1951. Several changes to the map's appearance made it unique.
  • The background colors on the front of the map were reversed, making Minnesota a darker color than the surrounding states and provinces. This was the last time this color scheme was ever used.
  • The 1950 map was the first to use red lines to represent U.S. Routes. This feature would be carried over on the next era of maps produced by the Gousha Company.
  • The map key was in the same position as on the 1949 map, but stylized.
  • The back of the map was returned to a format similar to the 1948 map; the Twin Cities and Duluth insets were reduced to a more reasonable size.
  • The 1950 map was the last appearance of the football carrying gopher in the lower left hand corner of the map.

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